Your health and safety is essential. Discount Roofing is proud to be listed as one of the “Essential Infrastructure Businesses” falling under the Residential and Commercial Construction category.

Whether you have a leak, need a repair, or even need a full roof replacement, Discount Roofing can take care of you — without you having to come into physical contact with us!

During this worldwide pandemic, we understand that many homeowners are staying home to avoid as contact with others. Out of respect for “social distancing,” we are offering contact-free roof inspections.

It’s money-free, worry-free and virus-free! Just fill out the contact form on below and we will schedule a time that works best for you. One of our Discount Roofing representatives will call or text you upon arrival and let you know that the inspection has begun.

If you wish to follow along, we can even video conference (quality internet connection required). Our 20-point roof inspections have been documented digitally for years, so the process has already been streamlined for your convenience. Following the inspection, we will call or FaceTime you to let you know the outcome of our inspection, as well as what the next steps are to get your home back to being leak-free and looking great again!